Everyone in the Pool!

Not actually related to sexuality, but I found this simultaneously hilarious and unsettling. According to the Sydney Herald (which, yes, is from Australia), teens in the UK are using social networking sites along with Google Maps to locate pools in the area that would be perfect to crash. Want a pool party? Seems as though not having a pool is no longer an obstacle to this dream. According to The Herald, people are coming home from work only to see beer cans littering their poolside, and some have even caught the youth in the act of catching some rays in their yard.

See the ValleyWag for an excellent illustration of how this might look.

While I see this as very clever on the young person’s part, this really gets to the idea that none of us are really private anymore thanks to the internet. Even if you don’t go online often — or really, even if you have never even been on the WWW, that doesn’t mean your information isn’t readily available at the click of a button. Another reason to ego surf to see what people can learn about you.