Fandom + internet = new lows

Here’s another example that supports my belief that the internet does not really offer up anything new when it comes to youth expressing their sexuality, instead simply repackages old phenomena — albeit sometimes in an amplified format:

Teens in Mexico are allegedly auctioning off their virginity in order to score Justin Bieber tickets. This horrifies me in many ways. The obvious one: Justin Bieber. Really? The second one: the concept that sex is seen primarily as a commodity. Auctioning off one’s virginity is not a new idea, but what I don’t like is that there are so many messages nowadays that stress sex as a product more than an experience people share with each other. This concept can be seen in both the abstinence-until-marriage movement as well as the “pornification” of youth today. The third one: That the news would choose to cover this idea, which in and of itself glamorizes the situation. I guess I’m to blame now, too, since I am calling attention to it by writing about it. My bad.