Youth Speak on Safer Internet Day

In honor of Safer Internet Day, a new report from Insafe was released that features the United Kingdom’s largest study of young people’s attitudes toward online rights and responsibilities to date.  It features the voices of both elementary and secondary youth, each group coming up with its own Top 10 Online Rights. Here are the ones from the older youth (11-19 years):

  1. I should feel safe online;
  2. I should not be bullied online, and should not bully others;
  3. I should be able to access films, music, and TV online, but it is my responsibility to respect copyright law;
  4. I should support my friends if they need help online;
  5. I shouldn’t have to see unpleasant or hurtful content and I should know what to do if I come across it;
  6. There should be lots of websites that are interesting for people my age;
  7. I should be able to manage who can see the content I post online;
  8. The websites I use should have an easy and effective way of reporting;
  9. I should know what I can and can’t do online and understand that there are legal and offline consequences;
  10. I should be educated about staying safe online.

A great list to shape that last right.