Will it work for me, too?

This study has made the headlines over the past week or so — apparently teens benefit from blogging about their feelings of anxiety and depression. In a randomized controlled trial, those teens with some level of social anxiety who were asked to blog about their feelings were more likely to demonstrate improved mood.

So far, 2012 has not been so kind to me. I have lost my dog (to bone cancer) and partner (to a mutual decision to let go). I find I am able to reach out to friends, but wonder if the sadness becomes too much, if writing will help an adult too? There are studies that substantiate the benefits of journaling — but only if the emotional expression is coupled with cognitive processing. While the blogging study did not consist of a cognitive component, it may be that reader comments supplied that piece, or a reasonable substitute. In the New York Times article referenced above, it was stated that commenters were very supportive and sometimes offered solutions or encouragement.

I hope my own journey forward can benefit from such interaction.


One thought on “Will it work for me, too?

  1. There is a book you might want to read called: “Ghost Rider, Travels On The Healing Road”, by Neil Peart. It is a book you may relate to in many ways, as so many others have. Just an idea.

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