Still struggling with SPAM

Hello out there in Reader Land!

I am working on the best way to deal with all the SPAM responses to this blog. I think some solutions I have developed are going to be good ones. One is that, unfortunately, I deleted a post that seemed to attract most of the junk. I am also working on other strategies.

Thank you for your patience! Not monitoring this blog is a sign of disrespect to you all — something I do not want to convey.


2 thoughts on “Still struggling with SPAM

  1. Did you hear the story about a tenth-grade teacher in Londonderry, N.H., who sent via e-mail nude photos of herself to a student? I believe the story ran about March 6, 2010. A student was quoted as saying, "By the end of the school day, everyone in the whole school had the photos on their cell phones". The story may be found in the Manchester Union Leader newspaper, or WMUR-TV news channel. I thought it might be a little late for this information, but one never knows.

  2. Missed that one! Shows that both students AND teachers need some basic "think about it" instruction regarding sending photos. Of course, this teacher needs a bit more than that regarding the general ethics of having a relationship with a student…I need to go look it up. Thanks for the tip!

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