The TRULY Wordwide Web: My dilemma

First of all, thanks for your patience concerning my absence. I have flooded with grant-writing, but the overall good news is that I have had many successes. I hope to resume some semblance of regularity in posting soon.

Meanwhile, I have noticed that many comments have been posted on my blog entries as of late. They are not in English, so I honestly have no idea what they say. Using Google’s translating option, I tried to figure out their meanings — with little success. Of course, these posts are about sex; after all, this is what this blog is about! But my question always was: were these posts genuine, or created by a SPAM bot and filled with invitations to view adult-related material? There were times when I thought the former, but ultimately I decided they were more the latter. As a result, I have deleted most of these posts.

I bring this up, because it really posed an ethical dilemma for me. Do I assume the worst or hope for the best? Did I censor the disingenuous to create a safe environment for honest visitors, or by deleting expression did I shut down rarely-articulated dialog about an issue? Sadly, I will never know. But one thing I do know is this: the internet is a place where every language is spoken and all topics are discussed. At this point in time, however, my blog is not a specific outlet for certain people and I feel somewhat apprehensive about that decision.


8 thoughts on “The TRULY Wordwide Web: My dilemma

  1. Most people have something worthwhile to say, even if it conflicts with the opinions of others. A good take on many sides of an issue, right? Maybe some just throw garbage on for kicks, who knows. You know, it doesn't hurt to turn on the "manure detector" once and a while. Although, living with fields and a farmer who likes to "fertilize" them naturally, I don't enjoy that luxury!

  2. I wonder if I can find a student who can actually translate these posts (the next time they come up). Again, I don't want to censor an actual conversation, but I also don't want to have pornography promotion going on under my nose without knowing about it!

  3. Try WordPad? When the sentence is highlighted, you can change the way it appears with the upper left corner- arial, symbol, webdings… That might help. A nephew did that to me, had no idea what was written until he showed me (ha-Ha!, real funny).

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