Tragedy with a lesson

This horrible incident lets us know that it can be adults, not simply youth, who take risks online. According to the Daily News, 47-year-old George Weber was stabbed to death by a “troubled” 16-year-old after the latter responded to Weber’s craigslist post seeking “rough sex.”

I was hesitant to post this for a couple of reasons:
(1) First, what happened here was truly awful and to use it as an example might not be the best idea. But unfortunately, I think it takes something this drastic to have it make the news in the first place.
(2) This incident might be more about the dangers that can result from feeling ashamed of one’s sexuality than about online risks. I certainly don’t know all the specifics here, but it could be that if this man was more comfortable with his sexual desires, and society did not portray his preferences (“rough” sex) as taboo, he could have found a safer way to express them.

But I ultimately made the decision to see if any readers out there have any comments on this and how it might contribute to the dialogue related to online safety.

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