So irrelevant, the NYT features her

The New York Times features the lovely Tila Tequila, the model/TV star/hopeful singer made famous simply because she has almost 2,000,000 MySpace friends. Despite talking about the superstar and her rise to fame, the prestigious paper tells its readers to: “Dispose of the information. You won’t need it for long.”

Why? Because Tila is just today’s flavor-of-the-month. Who knows who it will be tomorrow? According to the article, there are a lot of teens who think it will be them. The article references a study that found that almost one in three American teenagers had the “honest expectation that they would one day be famous” and the vast majority (80%) considered themselves “truly important”. (The figure from the same study conducted in the 1950s was 12 percent.)

Or even if a teen doesn’t become famous, s/he still might be the impetus for a feature in The Times.


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