More harm than good?

I was quickly disappointed after I saw a headline that read “Teens learn about sex online” on a South Georgia news channel. After the initial excitement, I was immediately brought back to reality.

There is really no meat to the story. Just quotes from an angry mom with five teens who says she doesn’t like the idea of her kids looking up information about sex online. And a shout-out to, which, incidentally, is one of the most progressive sites related to young adult and teen sexuality. Not exactly representative. But then again, maybe that is why South Georgia chose it. Or maybe it was because they have no idea what is going on. Either way, this is not the message I like to see reaching the general population on this topic. Couldn’t the newscasters have gone a little more in depth?



3 thoughts on “More harm than good?

  1. Kris: setting aside the issue that I felt presented as some sort of creepy predator (the parents said she had to guess who I am, when any number of media pieces on me, or our about section, would have easily cleared that up), I did write into the station today, having seen this this morning, asking why, if they were taking the tack that parents should be in charge of their youth’s sex education, they chose to present such a useless story?I not only asked why they — perhaps purposefully: we all know inciting hysteria makes for compelling news — glossed over the letter for parents at Scarleteen which states clearly we encourage and support that, but why they didn’t suggest some other good resources for parents to GET accurate sex information for teens online THEMSELVES, to do their best to educate their youth informedly. I did make a handful of sound suggestions for them, should they choose to add some links.Suffice it to say, I hardly expect a response.

  2. Thanks for writing in, Heather. I wondered whether they even tried to contact you. ITA that it was a completely “useless story” — unless it actually ends up being harmful. Ugh.Let me know if you get a response from them. In the meantime, keep up the great work! Thank goddess (and YOU!) your site is out there.

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