Be my friend!

Since I talk about it all the time, I thought I would go ahead and do it. I have my own MySpace page. Check it out at here and let me know what you think.

So far, I have added friends and had a couple of people make comments. I have surfed for people who I believe are compatible with me (ususally people and organizations that are interested in teen sexuality) and I have made my page pretty cool — thanks to the help of a friend.

What I haven’t done, is really get into the community of MySpace. And I think that is part of the reason why so many of us adults simply don’t get the appeal. True, we are at a disadvantage in that, for the most part, our friends we meet in person do not have pages, so we have to start our communities from scratch. And we were not brought up with the Internet as a main means of communication, so although we may rely on it today, we don’t see it as an obvious starting place to socialize and connect. But teens do have friends with pages and they are used to building community online. So, as adults, we need to see the world through that perspective.
So I hunt for friends and figure out ways I can connect with them. So far, I haven’t really come up with any solid ideas. So, I will do what the teens do. I will start leaving comments on my friend’s pages so they know I am thinking about them. I will send bulletins so that everyone knows what I am doing. I will continue to surf for friends.

So, won’t you be my friend? See you in MySpace!