Advice boards

I don’t want to knock all advice boards. Some of them are good — damn good. The one at Sex, Etc. is closely monitored and often has health experts answering questions. You will also get a lot of good information on Planned Parenthood’s, and then there is, which usually provides good information, but is less consistent.

Then, you go to larger web sites with more generalized discussion boards and get stuff like this:

Infection (3 replies) 02/03/2006
I think I might have a yeast infection. Can somebody tell me some symptoms to this and what exactly it is so I know if I should ask my doctor for help??

RE: Infection 02/03/2006
no, but it just is really itchy all the time.

RE: Infection 02/03/2006
a yeast infection is when ther e is somthing odd (normally food) down there, and ussually bugs come down there (eww, i know..) so think about it: have u been puttin stuff down there u shouldn’t be?

RE: Infection 02/03/2006
if it hurts to pee and is itchy down there then it might be one. if you think you have one go to the drugstore and buy a box of monostat or whatever it’s called. it will be gone in a couple days….

How is a teen supposed to know which advice to follow? What is good and what is bad information? And wouldn’t you think that these larger, for-profit web sites with tons of advertising dollars would care enough to invest in a board moderator?


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